Social Media & Event Marketing

Social Media & Event Marketing

A common challenge in the B2B space is figuring out how to use social media to drive results. When it comes to the organic side of social media, a question that often comes up from clients is what type of social media content will reach, and more importantly, resonate with their target audiences.

This is a valid question, as social media platforms are filled with social media content from B2C industries such as lifestyle and entertainment. These industries are abundant with content that is aesthetically pleasing. With well-designed clothing ads and images of perfectly crafted plates of breakfast food flooding social media feeds — where do B2B companies fit in? And should they?

The answer to this question is yes. B2B companies can and should be on social media. And yes, there is a time and place for them. In fact, 84 percent of C-level and VP-level buyers are influenced by social media when purchasing. This makes social media not only an option for B2B companies, but a necessity. By incorporating specific types of social media content into your B2B social media strategy, you will increase brand awareness, platform engagement, and most importantly, results from your target customers.

So what type of social media content works in the B2B space? What drives results? Let’s take a look.

employees, and companies to position themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries. By presenting relevant content to your target audience, you become the resource they go to when searching out new industry trends and insights. 

This can be accomplished through the sharing of company blogs and content, and it also applies to third-party articles from industry publications. Best practice for sharing third-party social media content includes creating a list of top publications to monitor for relevant content, and sharing these articles by tagging the publications and authors. This will position your company as a thought leader and help you to gain new industry connections. Down the line, this could even lead to link building and earned media opportunities.

Sharing third-party social media content and thought leadership content is an important piece to your B2B social media strategy, as your target audience is often made up of executives and decision-makers in your industry who care about and want to know cutting-edge industry information pertinent to them. Speak to your audience by sharing industry trends, insights, and timely articles from key industry publications.

Promoting event and conference attendance on all social media platforms is an important way to connect with stakeholders and show your relevance in your industry. This promotion is critical during the conference or event, but the bread and butter of results actually comes weeks and months prior.


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